Ford F-150 Shows Off its Impressive Technology Features

The Ford F-150 is best known for its capability features and rugged styling. However, this popular full-size pickup truck also boasts the latest in automotive technology. The F-150 technology experts at Northside Ford Lincoln welcome you into our showroom so that we can demonstrate all of these exciting features to you.

The FordPass Connect system allows all occupants of the F-150 to access the in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to 10 devices can connect at one time, meaning that everyone in the vehicle is ensured of being connected and entertained. This hotspot can even be accessed from up to 50 feet outside of the F-150.

The available 8-inch LCD productivity screen delivers everything that you need to know about your F-150. Access information such as fuel economy and towing data, right in your line of sight. The customized home screen provides the data that you need in real-time.



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