Cameras and Sensors Keep You and Pedestrians Safe in the Ford Edge

In the past, only one set of eyes was on the road. The driver had to look out for any potential accidents and ignore the backseat drivers. But today, the vehicle looks out for you, too. On the popular midsize SUV, the Ford Edge, cameras and sensors are constantly taking in information on your surroundings so that they can help you avoid collisions with other vehicles or even pedestrians.

The rearview camera lets you see behind your vehicle when you're backing out. If you've ever backed into one of your children's toys, you know how valuable this can be. What if that toy had been a child? The rearview mirror gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what's behind your vehicle at any time.

The Blind Spot Information System also protects you from accidentally cutting another vehicle off when switching lanes. Sensors alert you when there's another vehicle in your blind spot so that you know not to switch lanes at that time.



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