Brake Fluid is Available in Different Varieties

All brake fluid builds up pressure to make the tires on an automobile stop. If you want to take care of your car's braking system, you must always keep proper fluid in the brake lines.

There are two types of brake fluids for cars. A glycol-based fluid is commonly used to create pressure in a braking system that has anti-lock hardware. For trucks and cars that lack this type of setup, there are silicone-based fluid options available. You can't use glycol-based brake fluid in a car that has brake lines for silicone brake fluid because the glycol components won't effectively break down. To protect a car that requires glycol brake fluid, ensure that the glycol has a high boiling point. A 5.1 glycol brake fluid is the best option because it builds up consistent pressure whenever a vehicle's brake lines heat up on the road.

If you need more information about brake fluid, the technicians at Northside Ford Lincoln in Effingham, IL can help. Our crew services cars, trucks, and SUVs that use glycol-based or silicone-based brake fluid.

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