Efficiently Innovative: The 2020 Ford Edge ST

The 2020 Ford Edge ST has made its way to the top of its class. This performance SUV has taken its standard trim to another level thanks to all of the upgraded vehicular components. The ST provides comfort, aggressiveness, and elegance.

This four-door beast offers seating for six people. When it comes to total storage, the Edge ST can provide up to 87.8 cubic feet of maximum storage space. You can haul around various objects with this amount of freedom. On the other hand, the interior of the Edge ST has premium leather seats. The leather is composed of micro-perforation, and there's accent stitching to enhance the overall look. Its twin-panel moonroof is the largest of its kind, and it offers a stunning upward view. There's also ambient-interior lighting as well as an abundance of preventive safety features.

Come and see our nice selection of the 2020 Ford Edge ST. We may also offer a free test drive.

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