Examine the Ford F-150 Raptor Design

With the latest design, the F-150 Raptor looks more like a Transformer than a pickup truck. With its extended cab and wide cargo bed, the Raptor is mainly designed for off-road adventures and high-speed performance. The Raptor gets 450 horsepower with a twin turbo V6 engine. The 10-speed automatic, all-wheel drive pickup truck can take on any rugged terrain or highway with six different driving modes.

It’s fun to drive the Raptor because it feels like a sports car with the size and space of a full-size pickup truck. US News & World Report gave the Raptor high marks for its performance, interior features, and reliability. There are also several new driver assistance features based off of the sensors and cameras included with the latest design. These options include blind spot monitoring and lane departure assist.

You can check out the Raptor and its latest design when you test drive Northside Ford Lincoln.



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