Ford F-150 Raptor Performance Features

When you are driving around Effingham, you are likely noticing one kind of performance truck that is being used more than most others. The Ford F-150 Raptor is a very popular performance pickup truck. You've seen it and understand that much. What you might not yet understand is just why this car is as popular as it has become.

One of the reasons the Raptor is so popular is because of the sheer power of the truck. Yes, it can get over and through almost anything but it also has some serious get up and go when it comes to getting from one place quickly. That's because it has its high-output V6 EcoBoost engine. That engine is plenty strong and plenty sturdy.

There is also the off-road FOX Racing Shox. That will allow the truck to even beat some smaller cars off the block. If you want to see the Raptor in action stop on down to Northside Ford Lincoln.

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