Intelligent Access in the Ford C-MAX

With a Ford C-MAX from Northside Ford Lincoln, you don't even have to have the keys in your hand to take control. This popular compact hybrid has an Intelligent Access system. It utilizes an advanced key FOB that communicates with the vehicle wirelessly.

The FOB looks like any traditional FOB. However, it's packing a lot of smart technology inside. Every time you approach the C-MAX, the key is used to identify you. You can keep it in your pocket or bag. If you want to unlock the doors and get in, simply pull on the driver's door handle. The vehicle will communicate with the FOB and provide access in an instant.

Drivers in Effingham can do the same thing when they want to start the C-MAX. If the FOB is in the car with you, it can start up without any issues. Simply press the Start/Stop button on the dash and you're ready to go.



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